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    Blues, Bourbon, and Burritos by The Federales

    Blues, Bourbon, and Burritos [2014]

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    I Do Believe — The Federales — live on FladCast

    I Do Believe — FladCast

    Truck Drivin' Man from North Dakota — The Federales — live on FladCast

    Truck Drivin’ Man from North Dakota — FladCast

    The Federales — live on FladCast

    FladCast: Episode 117

    Under Your Gun by The Federales

    Under Your Gun

    Guitars and Grain Belt by The Federales

    Guitars and Grain Belt

    Santa, Don't Stop at the Bar on Christmas Eve by The Federales

    Santa, Don’t Stop at the Bar on Christmas Eve

    The Band

    The Federales: Classic country for the modern world.

    We're not from the Black Hills, the Texas Panhandle, or Appalachia. We're from the Twin Cities. Damn proud of it, too, but we play country music, because it's one of America's native languages.

    We use it to tell our stories of love, good times, Grain Belt, and friends. Some are fact. Some are fiction with the truth hiding in there somewhere. All of them are heartfelt.

    We're pickers, fiddlers, groovers, and harmonizers. We're ready to make you sing along, get up and dance, or just sit and tap your toes. We're The Federales.

    "Don't let my disdain for what I call 'beard-rock' fool you — man, I fucking love country, and I love when it's done right. And I'm gonna say: The Federales, from what I can tell, tick every god-damn box possible."
    — l'etoile Magazine

    "Heartbroken lyrics sound like they'd fit right in at a summertime backyard party."
    — The Current

    The Federales are:

    • James Gould on electric guitar
    • Mark Larson on drums
    • Ben Miller on acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vocals
    • Jay Scabich on fiddle
    • Andy Schuster on upright bass
    • Karl Wahoske on banjo, acoustic guitar, and vocals